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Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Constitutional Assessment?
A constitution is the totality of unique reactions and affinities of an individual; it takes into account the mental, emotional and physical state of the person. During a constitutional assessment I gather in-depth information that includes responses to social, family and work situations, physical symptoms, and physical characteristics. This assessment is a process that takes between 1 and 2 hours.

What will you do with this information?
I collect the information and look for persistent patterns. There are over 2,000 homeopathic remedies. I may need time to study your case, or I may give you a remedy at the time of your appointment. The purpose of collecting and studying this information is to find the homeopathic remedy that is suited for you at this time.

What can I expect from treatment?
The purpose of homeopathy is to cure, not to manage or suppress symptoms. It is virtually impossible to say how long it will take for chronic disease to be cured. Just as the remedy choice is individual, the duration and extent of cure is also individual. Homeopathy is a process. In many instances the effect of the medication can be very dramatic. Other times the process requires a fundamental shift in the disposition of the body, mind and emotional state. It can take time for these changes to occur. Usually patients will notice improvement within months in chronic conditions. Acute conditions typically show improvement within hours.

Are homeopathic medications toxic?
No. Homeopathic medications are made from plant, mineral and animal substances; they are regulated by the FDA and are considered non-toxic.

When should I page you?
Please page me after hours with your urgent medical concerns. There is a $35 charge for all returned pages. In a life-threatening emergency call 911.

Can I make a telephone appointment?
Yes. Charges for these appointments range from $35-$90 for acute concerns. It is important to schedule office visits when possible. Insurance cannot be billed for phone appointments.

Are there things I should avoid while on medication?
I recommend that patients avoid coffee, essential oils and other substances that produce a strong response in the individual. These substances can antidote or effect the action of the medication.

How should I take my homeopathic medication?
Take your medication when there are no strong flavors in you mouth least 10 minutes from food ordrink before and after taking the medication. Avoid handling the medication as much as possible, putting itin your mouth directly from the envelope or the bottle cap.

Can I see my medical doctor while under homeopathic care?
Yes. I am a licensed primary care physician in the state of WA. For some patients I provide care as anadjunct to routine medical care and for others I provide general care, referring to specialists as appropriate.It is up to you how you would like to complete your medical care.




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